Oregon Chinchilla Stuff!

Our little Vincenza.

It seems to be hard to figure out where has what kind of food, what kind of things are suitable and who even sells them!

This is the information we've come across so far.

Vet clinic:
North Portland Veterinary Hospital
- took our babies in, Dr. Weinstein handled them very well. I was probably more nervous than they were.

Chinchilla Resources in Portland and the metro area:
Pets on Broadway
- Had aspen bedding, pellets, chew toys, hay and everything you could need. Also has two that are getting ready to be adopted!

Nature's Pet
- On 21st, little more limited selection but they do keep a lot of what you'd need to get started. More dog and cat oriented but they're gearing up to do more with small animals.

Quality Cage
- I really wish I would have known about them before! As it is, I'll probably get some of the cage guards (less poop to sweep up on the floor!)

Quality Mutation Chinchillas
- Based out in Hillsboro; breeds, boards, makes toys and treats. I think she also takes rescues. No experience with them

Raining Chinchillas
- Breeders. Informative but for us the cost was prohibitive.

Little girl selling stuff for chinchillas on Craigslist
- No experience with her but lovely that she's trying to support her pets on her own.

Outside of Portland:
Ronda's Chins
- Hermiston, breeders and suppliers

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