My search terms are back to normal.

This is an utterly useless post.

I'm sure you can guess what search terms were the most popular during the whole recent debacle.

However, it's good to see they're getting back to normal!

kimberlee petersons eyebrow - Kimberlee Peterson is awesome, just so you know.

feminists are ugly - This comes up with alarming frequency. I don't know who you people are but you pretty much suck.

old horror movies - Yes.

cute baby lemur - More yes.

cinnamon bear portland - And more yes

Sarah palin ass - The phrase "ass covering" is really misunderstood by people clicking through to this site.

portland horse rings - Awesome.

This is an alarming new entry:
killing her with a pillow in the horror movie - Um. I hope you're not looking for advice.

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