Shoes wrap up

First off, today's shoes! Black fake motorcycle boots from New Look in Wigan for 20 pounds (?) in 2006 I think. Pink shoes are unknown label bought at Hillsboro Goodwill for 5.99 to accomodate the massive climate change between Wigan and Hillsboro, worn DAY I MET ALAN WILDER. Flip flops are Old Navy bought in 2009 for about $5.00 for lounging at the Venetian pool, worn yesterday for leaving the house as I still have this damned cold I can't shake.

To answer the shouty subject line, I'm doing this for few reasons, the first is I have a closet full of shoes I never wear. Like ever. I get into the habit of wearing one or two pairs of shoes over and over again while neglecting other pairs. And then I buy new shoes and neglect the last favorite shoes. But then I just can't part with the shoes of yesterday right? When I go through them I think, "ahhh, I'll wear those again." But then I never do.

The shoe closet

See that? That's a closet full of shoes. For reference the dresser next to it is about 4-5 feet high. And that's not even all the shoes. There are shoes under beds, in other closets, in a little hangy shoe organizer thing downstairs and scattered around on the floor. We have a shoe infestation and many are never ever worn.

The second reason is I need to manage my consumerism. I tend to buy things without thinking. Are the things from sustainable sources mostly? Sure they are. I spend a lot of my money and time at Goodwill or other charity shops trying desperately to dull my impact on the environemt. On most days at least one item of clothing I have on is used and sometimes re-fashioned, so I've been mostly successful. It was my lesson on sustainability and seeing what ends up in a lanfill, or the mountainous bales of clothing sent to salvagers for Africa that had me reconsider my purchasing decisions (more about the Teamworks project here.) Doing this also helps me recall why I bought them in the first place and understand my motivations for buying a little better.

The other is I need to stop hoarding. Some day a crew from a cable television show is going to break down my door and unearth treasures and recommend therapy. I come from that "but it's going to be useful someday" mindset. Ideally this project will highlight what I no longer need and encourage me to part with it. The real challenge to do this in 6 months is wearing the stuff that is impractical for work or the weather. I have to grab every opportunity for nice days, or weekends and organize what I wear based off practicality. Today, for example, I'm locked in to a pair that I had earmarked for a work day but it's rainy and miserable. I must protect my feet.

And why the blurry photos? I picked up a new phone a few weeks back and I'm trying to work out the damned camera.

Current shoe count: 8
Bag count: 3 (including commuter bag)

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