Oaks Bottom

Pip and I had a fabulous day out yesterday. Eager to enjoy sub-90s temperatures (seriously what is this shit I am tempted to move back to England) we hopped on our bikes and had an adventure! We're fortunate enough to live in Portland, where we have the Springwater corridor. A multi-use (but no motorized vehicles!) pathway that winds throughout the city and connects various parks. I haven't explored much of it, yet, but we did make it up to the temporary closure point in Sellwood.

Only after we'd taken a ton of photographs though!

Little purple flower

Little purple flower in the footpath along the Willamette.


I found this little guy all tired out at the tadpole pond in the Oaks Bottom Wildlife refuge.


And what do tadpoles make? Little frogs!

All in all we managed to cycle 16 miles, stopping for hamburgers and fries at Mike's in Sellwood before turning home. It's a terrible life.

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