How to Get a Star TSP800 working on Server 2008

We're in the process of migrating our Terminal Services infrastructure from 2003 to 2008. During testing we found printing easy, including with Star TSP800 printers. Then one day everything changed. We built a new workstation image and discovered the drawer kick from the Star to the cash drawer wasn't working. All options were grayed out on the server and the driver settings weren't transferred from the host machine to the Terminal Services session.

Star support reported they experienced the same problem. And after a bit of messing around we managed to get it working. The key? Easy Print.

I won't explain Easy Print here, this is a pretty good explanation, but I will say it saved my hide. By using the Windows XP driver that didn't support 2008, we managed to get the printer working in 2008.

Here's what we needed:
1. A legacy driver on the host machine that 2008 didn't like so terminal services would use Easy Print.
2. A locally mapped printer on the host (TCP/IP and LPT both tested.)
3. A terminal services client that supports RDP 6.1 (appears as 6.0.6001)
4. Windows updates up to recently. We didn't manage to pin the exact update down.

And voila, we have legacy thermal printers.

I didn't find any documentation on this when doing research. Hopefully this helps someone else!


lmgrd is not running: Cannot connect to license server

Oh, this is a lovely catch all, isn't it? It did help me discover a couple things.

1. The MAC address in our Autodesk Inventor 2010 license file was incorrectly entered when the license was generated.

2. This particular error means anything and everything is wrong.

Here's what went wrong on our installation. For some reason, when the licensing directory at C:\Program Files\Autodesk Network License Manager\ was created, the executables LMTOOLS were added, but not the additional directories. So there's no sub-directory for license files and no debug.log file.

The last one was our problem. I incorrectly assumed that creating the path under Config Services would create the file. It didn't. So every time I tried to start my licensing server I got the dreaded "lmgrd is not running: Cannot connect to license server" error message. As a work around I created a file called debug.log, recreated the path to the debug log file and the server works like a charm.

This may also apply to ESRI applications and other programs using FlexLM and LMTOOLS.