Things 2 and 3: Are you from the Internet?

Someone posted on the damnportlanders Livejournal group requesting a lunch meetup over at Montgomery Park. I work about a 5 minute walk away, so I thought it might be interesting. We already have something in common and maybe a smaller group than the Wordpress thing might suit me a little better.

I turned up and looked for them, eventually identifying the poster and wandered over. She'd been laid off and the other worked for a large HMO that was outsourcing their tech support to IBM. We commiserated about the economy. My own company's been through a round of layoffs over the last few months.

These are anxious times and watching teary coworkers pack up their things while being escorted out of the building is unpleasant. Every day I go to work and wonder if I will have a job at the end of it. But it's nice to talk to other people about these things and tell they feel similar. I left happy I'd gone and more than willing to do it again.

And then there was the button talk.

This goes back to my interest in making things. A local crafter, Susan Beal, was giving a talk about making things from buttons. She wrote a book and wanted to walk folks through making little hair clips.

It was a pretty small audience in comparison to what I've known at Powell's. I think the last time I went was for Terry Pratchett and it was massive. There were about 10 of us, most of them seemed to know her, who listened to her talk about buttons. It was delightful. Susan Beal is exuberant and excited about what she does. Her enthusiasm for all things buttony is contagious. I didn't really meet anyone, but I learned some things and have some very cute little hairclips I can wear out.

All in all, a success.

Edit: Omg someone evil with a camera got me scrounging :) Lots of fun.

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