Politics and the City revisited

I haven't gone back to Politics and the City since it launched to some sighs and looks of annoyance. I was reading some past blog posts and kind of wondered if it got any better.

It actually looks like it gave up.

The ticker is telling me Mariah Carey spent a lot of money on something.

Just under is Barak Obama talking about Iran. That's a start I guess? But surely there are UK political things to discuss? Like the constant infringement on civil liberties? Or deflation? Or the decaying infrastructure?

There's a link to June's "Founder's Blog." Alongside is a "Love Guru" telling us how to "have it all."

Just underneath is an advertisement for something charmingly called "Power Bitches." You know, I don't recall any of the books about men in Sillicon Valley being referred to as something like that.

Then there's another guru, this time of "Happiness" and an article on cocktail parties.

Yes, this is a serious site indeed.

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