The day I got a free parachute

The Oregon Democratic Party needed to clear out their warehouse. They opened it up to the public. This wasn't necessarily a social event but it was something different and I was hoping for old campaign stuff for Dukakis.

They opened the doors at 10:00, I arrived about 9:47 to see a large queue had formed. I'm not sure when the others got there, but the prime spots were taken. The line was mostly families, some Hispanic, mainly white. And people seemed very focused. There was some talk in the line, but not much. The smell of bread was overwhelming from the nearby bakeries. And there were some attempts at cutting in line that were met with passive aggressive blocks. It resonated with me and I realized I wasn't going to be taking anything useful.

Getting in to the building was insanity. Everywhere people were grabbing things and running outside. One Hispanic woman had a pad of sticky notes and was claiming things. "Have you seen that one?" a woman pointed to the Hispanic one. "She's crazy! I'm not sure you can do that." I smiled and moved on.

That was madness

I managed to pick up a nice crochet blanket, some pins shaped like bicycles that someone on the damnportlanders group requested and a talking George W Bush doll. One of the Democratic Party volunteers came up smiling. "I knew someone would want him! He's been on my desk for ages!" I laughed and told her he was for my Mom. And then I saw the parachute.

No one else seemed particularly interested in it which is good, I likely would have fought them for it. I rushed the recycling bin it was in outside and tried to pack it up.

I folded it up as best I could and lugged it with me to wait for the 20. A nice old woman pulled over in her car to ask me where MLK was, I pointed a few blocks down. A lot of people stared, but no one asked why I was carrying my parachute. Got it home in one piece and it's now stretched down the stairs. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but when are you ever going to get a free parachute ever again?

Thanks to the democrats i have a parachute

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