Ministry shutting their doors

Al Jourgensen is calling it quits for Ministry after their forthcoming album.

"I think it's time," Uncle Al says "...and I'll be leaving on the top of my game instead of hanging on too long and doing crappy Aerosmith and Rolling Stones albums 30 years later."

I'm disappointed but can understand why he's doing it. There's something grotesque about watching an ancient Keith Richards rattle his bones around on stage. Even Madonna, who can still see the full shape of her prime in the rear view almost induces vomit when she gyrates around the stage in her leotards.

Al should be a beacon of sensibility for all rockers past the age of 50.

Jourgensen says that the next and final album will also be another assault on the White House. "It's a trilogy," Jourgensen says. "The next one's going to be called 'The Last Sucker,' and it's also about this corrupt administration. So we'll do that one, and then me and George Bush go riding off hand-in-hand, into the sunset."

I'm not entirely pleased with this little snippet. Who needs another obviously political album against the cause of the moment. That's some pretty boring material there, Al. As long as it has thunderous guitars and a lot of screaming I'll probably buy it anyway.

So long Ministry. It was nice knowing ya.

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Amir's laptop continued

On Friday I posted about the lovely Amir and his piece of crap laptop he sold on eBay. Hilarity ensued! I received some great comments, they received some great comments and an Internet lynch mob not unlike the lost camera group was formed.

Everyone who has ever had a bad experience on eBay knows and embraced their fury.

Always the last to know, the mainstream media have finally picked up on it. Yesterday it was the BBC talking about police investigations into an unclear party. Today on this ismoney.co.uk a further story developed about Amir selling other faulty equipment to someone else.

Debbie McInerney, 42, from Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire, claimed she paid him £147 for an iPod in March but it never turned up. She claims Amir banked the cheque but failed to answer emails asking when the iPod would arrive.

Amir denies it... of course.

In a rather surprising showing the creator of the original blog has offered to take the site down for an apology and a refund. Ahhhh! At least there's one good guy here. But will Amir see his chance?

The saga continues.....


Amir Massoud Tofangsazan's laptop

Amir sold a faulty laptop to a buyer on Ebay. He also mis-represented some fundamental details, like the amount of RAM and a DVD-RW contained. Understandably, the buyer was a less than happy man when he received his package.

Some months later, the laptop is up and running. The buyer then discovers that the seller hadn't wiped any personal data from the laptop, including passport scans, banking details, photos of women's legs and a big cache of porn.

So, what does he do? he creates a blog explaining what happened and what he's found.

All he wants is for you to link to him. I am happy to oblige.


Gary the Cinnabar moth

Gary the Cinnabar moth
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A rather random photo taken last weekend. This is Gary the Cinnabar Moth. He lived with us for a few days. Just chilled right there the whole time. Then, we came back on Sunday and he was gone. Very pretty though, wonderful colors.


Zipcar's free rides in San Francisco

I wish services like this existed in Manchester. I find public transport to be a frustrating trial of horrible people and even worse service. Seriously, why the fuck can't you just move up the train a bit? Bitch. I want to beat you with my umbrella....

Anyhow Zipcar claims to take the hassle cars and general transport by offering a sort of sharing service. For a low annual fee of 50 bucks you can er, borrow a car for a few hours a few times a year without all the pesky obligations involved in owning your own. Sounds ok, if a little limited and expensive. I'd buy into it if it meant one less day of delays and impossible Metro Soduku.

They're restricted to only 7 cities at the moment but promise to provide outlets for more in the future. I'm a little confused at how they're targetting their service. For example, Chapel Hill and not Portland or Seattle.... What the hell? Strikes me as being a bit like opening a hemp shop in San Francisco and then another in El Paso, yet expecting them both to be similarly successful.

Geographical limitations aside, they are making a good move by offering up free commuter rides around San Francisco during May and June this year. Take advantage if you can, I know I would if I didn't currently live in the English heart of darkness.


Open Guide to Manchester

Some of my cohorts are planning to pay me a visit next month and we're trying to come up with ways to entertain them. I'm not a huge fan of Manchester Online but it does the trick, occasionally. I was cheered to locate another web resource in wiki form that has information from the users.

Manchester at Open Guides.

Blogger up and down more than a... up and down thing

It seems to be the week for bad service. Since about 1:00pm Blogger seems to be suffering some difficulties. I either receive a 504, JavaScript time out error or my little publishing marker stuck at 0%. The Blogger status page isn't telling me anything but the group certainly is.

This is turning out to be a very frustrating week.

Talk, Talk sucks.

I'm sitting here on hold with my ISP trying to find out how much of a charge I'd have if I cancelled my service with them. I so wish that I hadn't written anything good about them at all because I was obviously so very wrong.

It started yesterday at around 4:00pm when I noticed I couldn't browse to any websites. I did a quick ping to all of their servers, figured the connection was good and then started trying via FQDN. No luck. Obviously DNS right? So, I figured that I would give their technical support lines a call to find out what was going on. That's when my hell started.

After 90 minutes of being dropped, listening to Charles Dunstone's apologies about the call volume and I found only clueless sales people who were extraordinarily unhelpful when they realized I wasn't giving them any money. I've heard Tom Petty's 'Something in the Air' so many times that I now want to beat it with sticks until it dies. They don't have any other hold music.

I finally get someone around 6:00 called Mohammed Bex (Becks) in technical support. He tells me there is a 'problem with the servers.' I ask what the problem is and he refuses to tell me. I shit you not, he said I didn't 'need to know.' After a lot of arguing with him I finally got him to confirm it was a DNS problem but only after I'd said it first. What the hell? I then asked him why he'd just said it was a random service problem. (I misunderstood him, his accent was quite thick.) And....

He accused me of lying to him.

I kid you not.

At this point, I'd had it with Mohammed Bex and decided to try and speak with a manager. He wouldn't give me the manager's name until I apologized to him for lying. So, begrudgingly, I did. After about 20 minutes on the phone with this prize winner I hung up and waited for the 50 minutes for the service to return.

7:00pm I tried again. Nslookup still wasn't working. I then heaved, lifted my tired head and started dialling again. After another 30 minutes I finally got to Collin, who was a lot more pleasant and did something magical to make my connection work.

Today I decided that perhaps I'd like to cancel. After about 4 phone calls to Talk, Talk, I finally end up with Sindy, Cindy (?) who doesn't know what a cooling off period is. Well, after 20 odd minutes of hold/talk time she eventually she figured it out and it turns out it's only 14 days. We can't cancel the service without paying them 70 odd pounds for doing so.

Talk, Talk was the biggest consumer mistake I have ever, ever made.

I wish I would have checked ADSLguide first.

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