Disused Buildings

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Getting from my Mother's house in Hillsboro to one of the main attractions in Tigard (see: shopping mall) provided various options with degrees of acceptability. You could fight traffic on Transvestite Highway, fight traffic on the constant parking lot Highway 26, or you could go for a lovely country drive via Farmington and giggle at the Loughridge Nut Farm. Usually she chose the latter. It wasn't just the puerile amusement at mental health references or the escape from stop start suburb traffic that made it such a pleasant drive. There were so many things to look at that didn't include the funeral home or the graffiti underpass of another grey flyover. We watched as rolling hills and farms grew gray and small in the distance. We smiled at the oddness of the products from the Alpaca farm. And then there was my favorite thing on the whole journey, the thing that came and went so quickly that I almost didn't notice, the big derelict farmhouse.

I asked Mom one day if she would stop and let us tromp around inside one in particular. A few miles before you hit the intersection and the tavern there was a two story house long browned and bowed with age. I could never tell if anyone still lived in that house but I could see things piled up in the second story windows. I wanted to go hunt through and see what treasures had been left behind, imagining it a vacant refuge for some Gothic tragedy. Alas, I never did get to find out, since it's been torn down to make room for more plaster board domiciles for Intelites but when I think of abandoned buildings, I think of that house and wonder what it was and how it became to be that way for at least 10 years. I think I'd rather not know.

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