Tom Peterson: Free is a very good price.

Someone on my LJ friends list mentioned that 'free is a very good price' today. It rung a bell in the back of my mind but I couldn't figure out why. Until it hit me like a large glowing cross on the hill near a freeway. It was Tom Peterson that said that on local channels (for local people) ushering people into his store for freebies with their purchases.

We lived in deep South East Portland before my family took off to Texas. We played at Mt Scott park and went to the Presbyterian church just off the corner. During the summer there were wonderful cherry trees that spilled blossoms all over the street. There were activity days with turkey sandwiches and a massive pool right next door. Back then I read and reread the Ramona Quimby books and learned along with her that you couldn't stand in the middle of the I-5 bridge.

So Tom, for bringing back some happy memories, I salute you.

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