Just when you think that nothing can get worse.

Someone has just committed suicide in the canal behind my building. Sales Girl called me out to have a look at a black man in blue shorts and a blue top leaning against the brick and staring at the water. Our complex operations manager was out there with him apparently just having a chat. The police showed up and about a minute later the guy jumped. The police dithered for a bit and then jumped in after him. According to our building's security guy he kept moving away from the cuffs and hands offered to him and finally sank down.

They've been trawling the canal for about an hour now. Still nothing. Last I looked the police and fire department squadrons had thinned. The paramedics and the boat are gone or further up the canal where I can't see. There's a reporter there taking photographs.

Edit: I managed to get a photo when I still thought we were seeing a maniac going for a swim. Update here with the news story.

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