I'm a horrified office worker

The Manchester Evening News has a story about the man who jumped in the canal yesterday. A few things first off.

1. There was another man with him, he was one of the men from our business park. He's the real hero here. I'm sure that if the police hadn't intervened he would have dove in after him in a heart beat. The police only did get involved after the man jumped into the water.

2. The officers didn't appear to do any coaxing. They left that up to our guy.

3. They located the body at around 7:00-ish. Security staff and some of our building staff, who they were obviously talking to, could have told them.

On one hand I'm unhappy with the 'facts' as portrayed by the MEN. From my perspective on the 9th floor it didn't look like the police were trying very hard. Whether this was from regulations uknown to non police folks such as myself or just them being stunned, it looked delayed. On the other hand it's rare that suicides ever make it into the newspaper. During the months of May, September and December there are a handful of people who decide to jump in front of high speed trains. They're usually completely ignored by the press. It's nice to see some coverage of something like this happening and the comments of people who are sceptical of the police involvement. Then again the article never actually says 'suicide' does it?

Below is a shot of the policemen just after they jumped in. I was trying to take a picture of what I thought was a maniac about to go for a maniac swim in the canal. My batteries were dying so the flash went off. The man jumped in maybe 5 or so minutes before and this was just after he went under.

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