Stupid IE

Does anyone actually use IE anymore? I mean, that sucked. I get out of bed, come into work and test the site with IE. Suddenly all of the text is at the bottom of the page. All because of a stray table tag and IE 5 apparently doesn't like % mixed with size specs. Firefox, however, deals with it like a little star and just puts it up there for all to see. Oh yeah. Put it up baby.

For the record, this layout is primarily .css driven. I'm using tables for the sake of IE 5's delicate constitution. I've taken off the remotely linked style sheet in favor of Blogger's in header approach. It makes it easier to edit it on the generator side of things. I'm a little sad that I didn't go with a blogging tool that allows trackback and other nifty bits but I'll be damned if I'm setting up typepad or moveable type on my own. Michael, I am not.

The remaining parts of the site will also be blogger-ified. That way I can have a craft blog, a records blog, a charity shop blog and quite possibly a 'maniacs of the Internet' blog. I'm sort of considering it since it does seem to occupy a lot of my attention. Hot damn, this came out all long. Well, IE 5 users, you're going to have to deal with my massive table of death. Get a real god damned browser.

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